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A bay area non-profit organization passionate and dedicated to encouraging the unlimited potential in children and adults with Down syndrome since 1998.  The Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area consists of a group of caring individuals, educators, therapists and involved community members whose passion and commitment is to serve families who have members born with Down syndrome. We do this through education, advocacy, support groups for the entire family and developmental-based classes for babies, children, teens and adults. Our goal is to enrich children and adult's lives through pre-academic, academic, language skills and social/behavioral interaction, ultimately preparing them for community integration as a valuable participant and contributor. www.dsconnection.org.  Become a member of the DSCBA (no charge) HERE.   


Heather presents to parents and professionals with hopes to spread awareness and education about Oral Placement Therapy. 

* Parent Presentation

*Club 21 "Tools for the Journey" Presentation 2017

Newsletter Articles

Happy Kids Therapy has served inside the doors of the DSCBA since 2008.  Heather serves as a committed member of the Down syndrome community helping to educate families, school based teams, and outside medical and related professionals. Heather writes a quarterly newsletter article in regards to articulation and feeding development.  See select few below...  

Does my child need Oral Placement Therapy? (2012)
Feeding Profiles in the Down Syndrome Population (2014)
Oral Placement Techniques and Tools Explained (2012)
Integration of Speech Clarity Techniques into the School Setting (2014)
AAC and OPT - an Optimal Pairing (2013)

Highly Recommended Related Providers

Pediatrician (Oakland): Dr. Noemi Spinazzi (510) 428-3226

​Pediatrician (South Bay): Dr. Jane Chen (408) 730-4251

Dentist (Walnut Creek): Brian Hockel, DDS (925) 705-4055

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Specialist (East Bay): Kati Skulski, SLP,  kaskulski@gmail.com