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Happy Kids Therapy has a soul-filling  passion for children with Down syndrome.  Heather Vukelich, MS SLP-CCC  (speech pathologist and feeding specialist) has been part of the Down syndrome community since childhood when she volunteered in the special day classroom at her elementary school.  Her passion continued through  her life volunteering for the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area and Challenger Baseball league.  She has been a practicing, ASHA certified speech - language pathologist since 2003.  She has worked inside the doors of the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area since 2008. 

Today,  Heather's passion for inclusion and independence translates directly into her work with children on speech clarity and feeding development.   Heather is a certified Talk Tools Level 4 therapist and presenter.  Heather was trained by the creator of the Talk Tools program - Sara Rosenfeld Johnson. (www.talktools.com). Heather sees children of all ages (birth - adults) with a variety of diagnoses.   Heather's specialty in working with children with Down syndrome also includes in-depth knowledge and resources regarding: dietary considerations, communication programs, educational programs, medical considerations, physical and sensory needs, orthodontic resources, facial and airway development concerns, sleep apnea, as well as behavioral strategies.