SLP Mentorship

I was very lucky to learn from the best! Sara Rosenfeld Johnson (creator of TalkTools) trained me. TalkTools offers a levels training program that determines competency in their therapeutic hierarchies for speech clarity and feeding developement. Sara took me through both level 3 and 4. My mentorship with her lasted many years. We had in-person, intensive, week long mentorship trainings together where I would evaluate children while she observed and helped shape my skills. I believe that working with mentors is the fastest way to improve your therapy skill. I have also had wonderful feeding mentors such as Diane Bahr and Lori Overland. I continue to seek out mentorship for myself as I tackle new areas of learning and as new cases challenge me.

We can collaborate together regarding a specific client; or to learn about the Talktools hierarchies, feeding development, or oral sensory-motor therapy. Together we can review client videos, create program plans, and review therapy techniques. Zoom makes all time zones possible. I am very flexible and open to whatever a therapist needs; this is your time and I’m happy to support/collaborate with you! Please have these videos ready for your appointment:

  • Chewing various textures (soft, crunchy, dissolvable, chewy, hard)
  • Cup drinking
  • Straw drinking
  • Spoon feeding (thin / thick)
  • Oral posture at rest
  • Video of tonsils, palate, dental arches, under both lips, inside of cheeks and under tongue
  • Speech (babbling, reading, spontaneous, imitation)
  • Oral noises/ habits
  • Oral posture during sleep
  • Playing/ moving around a room
  • Videos of current therapy strategies requiring feedback
  • Anything specific you want me to see